Micro tweezers

The JBC microtweezers are designed for soldering and desoldering SMD components easily, reducing handling time.

PA works with two cartridges managed individually by the control unit to ensure the maximum accuracy and a quick temperature recovery. They can provide up to 40W in each of them if it is required.

Ergonomics and the short distance between the tip and handle also ensure greater accuracy and comfort at work.

PA enables to align the cartridges according to the needs in order to adapt them to the component.

It works with C120 range of cartridges.


Effective power per cartridge fitted:
Weight without cartridge:
102 gr
ESD Safe


Compatible moduls Részletes információk »

CP - Micro Rework

DI - 1 tool control unit

DD - 2 tools Control Unit

DDR - DD for Robot

DM - 4 tools control unit

PA-SD - Stand for PA120

Cartridges Részletes információk »

C120 - pákabetét

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